TransKansas III - First Congregational UCC in Manhattan Kansas, September 11th & 12th, 2015!

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Call for Presentations:

We are placing a call for proposed workshops for the upcoming TransKansas III Conference (11-12 September 2015, Manhattan, KS). We are looking for presentations and workshops on a wide variety of topics from a diverse group of presenters, including, but not limited to those involved in: healthcare, law, social work, law enforcement, government, pastoral care, and education; as well as any other members, family members, and allies of the trans* community. As our community of presenters grows, we are excited to hear new and different perspectives while continuing to offer a solid array of topics relevant to trans* communities. We look forward to submissions from previous presenters as well as new prospects that we know are out there. Please help us by providing this link to other professionals in your networks who serve trans* communities.

Areas of interest might include (but are certainly not limited to):

• Continuing legal education
• Language access & cultural competency
• Access to resources for the trans* community 
• Medical services 
• Behavioral health and wellness services 
• Legal services
• Prison outreach
• Addiction and recovery
• Diversity and unity among trans* persons
• Building community across cultures
• Family, religion & trans* identities
• Trans* aging
• Trans* people of color
• Surgical/ GRS discussion for trans feminine
• Surgical/ GRS discussion for trans masculine
• Sexuality and dating
• Children of trans* parents
• Parents of trans* children
• Trans* and disabled
• Beyond the binary
• How to be an ally
• How to make your Trans 101 (or other educational work) more inclusive of the diversity of trans communities
• Inclusive language
• Making your organization more trans*-friendly (educational, healthcare, human service, etc)
• Opportunities for pastoral care
• Recent efforts to promote human rights for trans* people
• The effect and impact of US-based campaigns and activism goals such as same-sex marriage/ civil unions on trans* communities both in the US and other countries

This list is just a suggestion of topics which might be of interest to attendees, but is not intended to be comprehensive. To submit a proposal e-mail brief bio and abstract of workshop to no later than 1 May 2015 (subject line Proposal).
We intend for trans* to serve as an umbrella term, in order to encompass the various other identities that fall under the non-binary and/or gender nonconforming spectrum. We recognize that this term may not be the universally recognized way of denoting broader inclusion.

Email with Questions about the Conference (