Luc Bensimon

Luc Bensimon I am a 46 year old Afro-American female born man of Trans experience I have been on my journey for 6 years I am an activist for everything I am being Afro-American, physically challenged and a transman of color. I am chairperson of Equality Kansas, involved in Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project, and I am the founder and president of the Kansas Chapter of Black Transmen Inc.

Presentation Overview:

Presentation: Being a Transgender Person of Color

Luc Bensimon discusses what it's like to live as a transgender person of color and share some of his personal experiences. He offers his experience and insight in hopes to prepare and educate those currently in or beginning transition; as well as families/friends or allies of Trans persons of color.

Presentation: Transgender and Physically Challenged

Being Trans and physically challenged I will share some of the joys and obstacles of being physically challenged while I am going through my journey of becoming the man I am today. I have struggled mentally and emotionally in my life I have been pushed harder because of the fact that I have a mild disability. Until I learned how to accommodate myself in order to teach others how to accommodate me. The purpose of this workshop is to share my experiences with you in order to educate about some of the things that can possibly be forgotten in dealing with individuals with disabilities.

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