Sue Gerth

Sue Gerth is the proud mother of an adult transgender daughter, from whom she has learned a great deal about strength, courage, and grace. Sue has been involved in PFLAG as Flint Hills chapter president for four years. She also served on the K-STEP Board as an officer for three years, and has given a number of presentations over the past eight years. She retired from her career as a Civil Engineering instructor at Kansas State University in 2015 in order to become a paraeducator at Manhattan High School. She helps with the Gay-Straight Alliance at MHS, and has helped to educate counselors and educators in USD 383 regarding working with transgender youth. Sue and her husband Alan have four adult children, three of whom have yet to accept their transgender sister. They also have seven grandchildren who have not yet met their amazing aunt. Sue continues to spread her message of unconditional love, knowing that eventually love will win.

Presentation Overview:

Nonbinary 101 – The Gender Unicorn

Using the Trans Student Educational Resources’ Gender Unicorn, Sue’s workshop is designed for those new to the topic of gender identity and nonbinary. She will introduce basic terminology in order to help attendees to understand basic concepts, including gender identity, gender expression, and sex assigned at birth. Handouts will include a glossary of basic terms and the Gender Unicorn.

We Are “Other People”

Using humor and candor, Sue tells the story of her journey through learning that she is “other people,” referring to those things that only happen to other people. Her story, of course, is also completely tied to her daughter’s story and her family’s story. She tells this story with her daughter’s blessing. She remembers a time when she was shocked that other parents of trans kids and adults could find humor and laughter again. Now, she incorporates humor to let other parents and family members know that there can be a rich and abundant life ahead in their new normal.

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