Jade Lenore

Jade Lenore is a public educator, advocate and humanist who's mission in life is to be a living example of what Love truly is, what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Through her life experiences and spiritual gifts she has been able to touch the lives of many people whom she comes in contact with. Sharing the gift of Love is much more than a word to her, its a part of her being. Jade is an active member and volunteer for Black Transwomen Inc and currently serves as the Volunteer Guild Representative for its Dallas Fort Worth Chapter. Jade has been recognized for her contributions to the advancement of black transgender equality, receiving a 2016 Black Trans Advocacy - Rising Star Award. Jade has also been awarded by the Dallas LGBT community as being a young leader of the year in 2014 and nominated again in 2015. Jade was nominated as a 2016 Woman of Distinction at her Employer as well as being awarded a prestigious Community Service award for her continuations to the betterment of our community. Jade is currently working on writing about her experiences in the midst of her journey and prior, in hopes that it will tough the lives of others to be more understanding and educated about people of trans experience.

Presentation Overview: TreShaun Pate, Jade Lenore, and Luc Bensimon

Black Trans Advocacy Kansas Informational

Description: BTA KS Leadership staff and volunteers welcome you to an informational presentation highlighting the work that Black Trans Advocacy is doing to organize, lead and empower the community. The presentation will provide information about ways to connect and partner with BTA through free programs and resources, memberships, volunteering, local collaborative networking and its national conference. Facilitator(s): Luc Bensimon, TreShaun Pate, Jade Lenore, BTA National & Kansas Chapter.

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