Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor is a transformational leader and serves as a guide for people committed to transforming anything in the way of having a happy and fulfilled life.  As a coach, speaker and corporate trainer he has helped people produce jaw dropping, life-changing results.  His playful and practical approach give people the tools and permission to wake up to the power they have to create their own lives.

Jay is a happily married father of two living in Lawrence, KS where he loves to watch Jayhawk basketball and spend time with friends and family.  In addition to being a life coach, keynote speaker and corporate trainer, he volunteers with the Kansas Area Statewide Transgender Education Project (KSTEP) in order to educate the public about transgender issues. 

Presentation Overview:

Transparent Relationships

Join life coach, author, speaker, Jay Pryor, for a lively conversation about putting the relationship first with your LGBT child. Drawing on 11 years of experience coaching people to have powerful relationships as well as his own transition, Jay will walk you through a conversation about how our belief systems from the past dictate our future and shape our perception of our lives and the lives of our children. 

In this workshop you will come way with a new understanding of your own limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from experiencing life with your LGBTQ child as powerful and positive. You will gain tools to move forward with creating the relationship you want.

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