Murphy Maiden

I recently graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in Sociology and American Studies with emphasis in gender and sexuality. My final thesis focused on queer, transgender, and gender non-conforming University of Kansas students and the ways that state and university policies affect their lives on and off campus. I'm a clarinet player, non-binary, queer, and transfeminine. My pronouns are xe/hir/hirs and they/them/theirs, interchangeably.​

Presentation Overview:

Transforming Reproductive Health: TGNC Organizing in Reproductive Justice

As individuals who encompass many complicated and diverse identities, we must prioritize coalitional work and aim to challenge and expand upon our own activism. Our rights are being put up for debate daily and as always, reproductive rights are a hot-button issue - but what is reproductive justice and how is it more than just pro- or anti-abortion? A panel of TGNC student activists from around the state will discuss their experiences organizing with or around the reproductive justice (RJ) movement, including the difficulties of navigating reproductive health services and healthcare in general, and potential ways to make the movement more inclusive to the needs of the TGNC community at large. This is about more than campus bathroom stalls - this will be a discussion about bodily autonomy, and how we can work within our own communities to make achieve reproductive justice for everyone.

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