Rexy Que

Rexy Que is an Organizational Development and Collaboration Associate with the Community Engagement Institute as well as a Senior at Wichita State University studying political science and statistics. Rexy is also the Vice President of the Wichita Transgender and Community Network, a non-profit focused on creating a world where people of all gender identities are respected and treated equally. They are passionate about using technology and intersectional analyses to shape public policy, as well as empowering marginalized individuals to live their best lives.

Rexy’s work includes a broad range of projects including diversity-oriented education; policy analysis; data collection, storage, and analysis; and organizational development. They have been recognized for their work through numerous awards, including being the recipient of the Muma-Case Equality Scholarship for both the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. They also presented at TransKansas V last year. In what little free time they have, they enjoy hanging out with friends, playing chess, watching funny shows, and cuddling with their cat, Obsidian.



Presentation Overview:

The Advocate's Backpack: How American Government Actually Works, and How to Make Sense of It

The Advocate's Backpack is a series of workshops meant to equip marginalized individuals with tools that will be essential to making meaningful progress. This workshop focuses on the processes of the American Federal Government, as well as common patterns among state governments, emphasizing how to follow official government proceedings and how to make your voice heard in them.

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