Hiten Soni, MD

Hiten Soni MD earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Illinois Institute of technology. He worked as an State Scientist for the state of Illinois. He subsequently went to Medical School at Ross University School of Medicine. He completed his internship year at Saint Louis School of Medicine. He completed his psychiatry training at University of Missouri School of Medicine and Center for Behavioral Medicine in Kansas City. He received additional training at Psychoanalytical institute of Greater Kansas City as Florida Institute of Post-graduate training in Human sexuality.

He is now in private practice in Lawrence Kansas and Kanas City Missouri. He treats members of LGBT community. He provides pre-surgical evaluations, Hormone treatments, and psychotherapy for Transgender related issues. He provides educational lectures to public at large, school boards, and local universities addressing medical science and public policy. He has sponsored every KSTEP conference since its inception.

Presentation Overview:

Embryology and Neurobiology of Transgender Phenomenon

This is a comprehensive look at basics of cellular genetics and embryology. We will examine cellular process during fertilization and how biological gender is determined. We will then examine when normal processes that spontaneously undergoes modification and yield variations that yields intersex, transgender and non-binary gender of embryo during intra-uterine processes. We will switch gears and look at neurobiology of non-binary variations of central nervous system. Most recent research will be presented to “bust the myth” trans and other variations of gender as mental illness. The presenter will show most recent evidence to support that all form of gender variations are natural processes and it is not a pathological state. Attendees will learn basic vocabulary and concepts of cellular genetics, embryology and neurobiology.

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