Suzanne Wheeler

Suzanne Wheeler holds an M.A. in strategic studies and public policy.  She is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. She serves in multiple capacities on several local and national LGBTQIA and veteran’s organizations. Suzanne was the highest ranking “out” transgender officer on Active Duty at the time of her retirement. She was a member of the team which assisted with the lifting of the ban against transgender military service.  She voluntarily presents to military and civilian leadership and health care providers about improved accommodation of transgender personnel and clients.  Suzanne is a visible advocate for sexual and reproductive justice.  Shed works for a health care and education provider which services numerous marginalized communities across a four state region.  She is a published author and is currently co-authoring a work on LGBT leadership in the military.  

Presentation Overview:

Transgender Military Members: The Fight is Far From Over

This workshop would include information from the Williams Institute, Palm Center, DOD, and VA on transgender service member and veteran statistics.   A status on the current procedures and where each service is in the implementation of the transgender ban would be covered. Challenges faced by transgender services members as they transition from active status to civilian careers will be alliterated and suggestions to address these challenges at the individual and social service organization level would be offered. Resources for current and former transgender service members would be provided as a take away from the conference.

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