Trenton Johnson

Trenton Johnson,is the current reigning Mr Black Trans International, advocating for the needs of black transmen.  Trenton is a published author, activist and motivational speaker continues to use his method of bringing complex topics together and literally shake the minds of those listening. Trenton has been across the land, from the Nuyorican Café, Morgan State University, featured on Deaf Poets to many other locally and nationally known venues. Anywhere there is an opportunity to increase motivation, empower and educate you will find him. In 2003, Trenton published and released his first book of entitled “4 FPHACZES of RHYTHM: A Reflection of Me”. Since then, he has also released "No More Shackles", "How Much Is It Worth", "Gifted with Ink" and is currently working on his new project “2Sided Pain: Worth the Wait” which is his story detailing his transition as a Black Trans Man, accompanied with an audio CD of inspiration and empowerment for men just as he, to be released Summer 2017. Trenton continues to speak and write about topics others are afraid to embrace while living by the words “Today it starts with me, but it CONTINUES with YOU!

Presentation Overview: Mr. & Miss Black Trans International: Trenton Johnson and Tiffany Starr

“Black Trans Lives Matter” BTA Kansas Community Summit

BTA Community Summit invites a calling to hear the voices, and concerns of the Kansas Trans communities. This forum discussion welcomes all friends and allies to join in on the discussion with intent to help create action plans that will eradicate phobias and violence inflicted on Black Trans Kansans that hinder equal opportunities and quality of life.

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