An Sasala

Killing Joy: Transfeminism Past, Present, and Future

Presentation Overview:

While feminism claims equality for “all” women (and, by extension, folx of all genders) a quick look at history (or Tumblr) reveals transmisogyny and biological essentialism at the heart of past and present feminist movements. Enter the transfeminist, who “kills joy” by pointing out the oppression, absence, and erasure of trans and non-binary people which fuels modern society. Using an intersectional approach conscious of both intersecting identities (race, class, gender identity/expression, sexuality, etc.) and interlocking oppressions (racism, ageism, transphobia, etc.), this presentation traces the growth and development of transfeminism from the early work of Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson and Sylvia Rivera to the present work of Julia Serano and Janet Mock. Additionally, this presentation uses pop culture and trans theory to explore the defiance and importance of the transfeminist killjoy, charting a history and providing information to plot future trajectories.

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