Rexy Que


Presentation Overview:

An overview of the development of gender in western culture with emphasis on the economic factors that led to the gender binary and to its demise. Major developments in the economic sphere have drastically changed medical, social, and familial circles throughout history, but gender’s place in all the turmoil is often ignored. Gender and sexuality were quite complex issues in Ancient Greece and Rome, but the rise of the Roman Catholic Church created a simpler, stricter standard of what gender meant, labeling deviance as a sin punishable by death.

Following the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, sexual and gender deviance became institutionalized in the field of Sexology, rebranding them as mental disorders rather than sins, which began discourse on why gender non-conformity existed in the first place. This led to the emergence of deviance as identity rather than a source of shame, and that identity became an organizing force. By studying the stories of the individuals who claim(ed) these identities, it becomes clear what led to the transgender community we have today, and how we may move forward and perhaps even abandon gender altogether.

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