Skyler Rehm

Growing up as a Trans Man

Presentation Overview:

Growing up, I didn't have any access to information about LGBT identities until I was active on the internet in high school. Even then, most of the stories were tragedies. Growing up as a trans man, I now want to be the person I needed when I was younger. This presentation/workshop will be partly personal experience, and partly discussing how to create your own space and support system. Once you're out of school, the number of resources drastically drops for trans youth and young adults. Part of this panel will also be discussing how you don't have to be "successful" to be a success story. You don't have to be on the cover of magazines or a trans ambassador. Staying alive, healthy, and happy is all that matters, and if you can do that, you've made it. This will be a semi-informal panel insomuch as it is very interactive - I want to provide a space for people to express their experiences, because no two trans people have the same story.

Co-Presenter, Spike Springe

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